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Startup planning

The Dilemma

Growing pains!

They say Change is a constant in todays modern working world and how true this is in the digital marketing and technology world. In the Email Marketing world there are not many tools that scale as fast as your business does. So one needs to constantly be adapting and ensuring the tools you use are still fit for purpose. 

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By letting us provide you with the tech to perform marketing via email, step into and own the world of Email Marketing Automation and to harness the power of a CRM to manage sales and conversational marketing you find as many other have already that you can get back to the passion which got you starting the business in the first place. 

Problem 1:

You started off using an Email Marketing platform that gives you free plan up to 2,000 contacts.

But now you have gotten some success and your email list is getting larger and can no longer stay on this free plan...and the next plans kind of give you a roadmap but since it is a different level there are now other providers that offer more for your precious marketing budget.

The Solution:

At we can cover you. There are plans that start from 1 contact all the way through to several million. The sweetspot for us to engage with you is when you've decided the free plan is actually holding your business back. With our tools and expertise we really can grow your business and we're exciting to work with you on that. 

Problem 2:

After years of looking for the shiny object that will make you millions each year I don't want to change the setup of something thats only just started to work.

The Solution:

We can migrate your mailing list at no cost!

Switching over is a simple affair. You won't need to worry about losing contacts or automations. We will help you setup and ready to grow. What we'll actually do is: 

Import your subscriber lists, contacts, custom fields and, tags

Recreate opt-in forms

Recreate your automation workflows

Recreate email templates

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*Disclaimer notice about the Free trial. Our lawyers told us to add something like this but we thinking hard about what we can say here. Truth is its a free trial, no cost chance to see how the platform can work for you, and more importantly how its features which you are not using right now can be of use to you.