Migrate your Email Marketing

Import your subscriber lists, email templates and automations to us at No charge.

Switching over is straightforward

Don't be worried about losing contacts or automations. When you switch over we will manage the migration process and perform the following:

  • Import your lists, contacts, custom fields and tags
  • Recreate your automation workflows
  • Recreate opt-in forms
  • Recreate email templates

Migration Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

How long will my migration take?

The Answer:

Migrations are completed as quickly as possible. Depending on how complex the migration is and our workload will largely decide. By submitting the migration request for we will be able to ascertain what is involved and return back via email an estimate.

Question 2:

Will all my contacts be imported?

The Answer:

Only active, opt-in contacts will be imported. These are contacts that are not unsubscribed, bounced, or purchased. If you use an exclusion list we can add that to your account.