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How to Come Up with an Email Marketing Plan

One way to build a loyal following is by building an email list. This not only allows you to keep in touch with your customers or website visitors, it also builds trust with them so that they will be more likely to purchase products and services that you have to offer. But if you are just getting started you might wonder how to come up with an email marketing plan that is effective even with all kinds of free email marketing methods out there.

Choose a quality email marketing service provider first

For many people email marketing seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some really good email marketing tools accessible to you right away that will allow you to capture leads, set up an email series to send to your subscribers, measure success of the email marketing process with tangible actionable data and much more. Once you find one email marketing service provider that suits you, such as Email Mojo, you are ready to put together your email marketing plan.

Think about auto-responders

When going after subscribers for your list, your initial goal should be to build a relationship with them. This is where a series of auto-responders come in handy. Auto-responders are simply a series of emails that are preloaded and go out to your readers automatically, and in a specific order.

Effective auto-responders are written in a way to build trust with your readers. Your goal might be to drive more traffic to your website, to a local business or to an online product that you are selling. The more value you offer in your emails, the better chance you will make the sale.

Send the right message

Sending the right message in your emails is very important and you are better off taking time to compose your messages and ensuring whatever message your subscribers will be getting will add value to them. You can put yourself in their shoes and know whether you would open the message or do what it requests or demands you to. If you do not like it, chances are your subscribers will detest it and you will end up ruining a great opportunity all due to an email marketing plan badly formulated.

A good example would be if you own a website that promotes weight loss products. Your email series may start with weight loss advice, healthy recipes or anything else that your readers will find useful. Eventually the emails in your series might mention a weight loss product that you highly recommend, and since you have already built a relationship with your subscribers, they are more likely to value your opinion and buy from you.

If you are comfortable with your writing skills you can create your own auto-responder emails. However, if you would prefer not to write them, then this is something that you could easily outsource to a freelance writer. Either way, email marketing is a great way to not only build a list of loyal followers, but lifelong customers as well!