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Top Ways of Growing Email List Organically

The email list is the epicentre and infrastructure of any business or brand, and undeniably has more influence than a Re-tweet or Facebook Like. The email list is the most exclusive audience, and the most qualified leads that you can ever have, and is a sure-fire way to get you more results than a Facebook post or a Tweet. But for your email marketing to be effective, whether it is free email marketing or not, you have to possess a list that has been organically grown that has a way of bringing value at all times. But how does one grow such a list, what are the top ways to grow your email list organically?

Alluring sign up process

Email list building always begins with the sign up process. This is the reason why a viable way to grow your email list organically is by creating a compelling sign-up form. The sign up form should be more alluring to the eye and you can achieve this by including high quality graphics in the best way possible through great photo tools, with a number being free. There are various online companies that can do this for you. By creating a compelling sign up process you will not only get lots of traffic, but also many people will be able to see your sign up form.

Have your sign up form on every webpage

Another effective way of growing an email list organically is by ensuring that your subscription form is discernible on each and every page on your website. Always ensure that it is placed at a conspicuous place on your site, and one such place is just above the fold. The higher the number of people who are able to see your sign up form the greater the number of people who are most likely to subscribe. This a very simple way of ensuring the most important form on your site is seen and not just at the end of a post but right at the top as well.

Valuable content

Creating valuable content is also another way of increasing an email list and also a very essential tool for email marketing. Each of your newsletters should not be about a sales pitch or else people will unsubscribe from your email list very fast. You should make an effort in ensuring your content is rich, awesome and very creative. If your content is awesome and very creative in nature, your current subscribers will pass the word to their friends and in turn your list will grow organically very fast by word of mouth.

Other viable ways that you can use to grow your list organically is by commenting on blogs, generating great names and titles for your newsletters, writing articles, pay per click advertisements, offering gifts, rewards and free items and much more. The perks of having an organic email list are inconceivable and outweigh any list you can buy or get from any other source. Always refrain from buying one, but rather always ensure that you create and offer value at all times and an organically created email list is a start.