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Video in Your Emails-Know This First!

Video, however you use it will always engage your audience in a special way. It is a wonderful choice of content to engage your email subscribers wherever they are. Its ability to grab attention is legendary and gives your message a whole new dimension capable of generating a lot of interest than written words alone. The millions of video content out there on demonstration videos, tutorials, presentations, products and trainings are a testament to that. However, should video be embedded in email campaigns? Is it a wise choice?

The efficiency of video in marketing is undoubtable but there are a number of reasons why embedding video in the emails of your subscribers should not happen for the time being.

Firstly, avoid embedding video until you have gained the best technical knowledge on adding the right code in emails that embeds the video. Also, remember not many email readers actually allow video to continue playing within their email. Remember the video code embedding it to the email will most likely be caught up by filters and will not enter the inbox of the subscriber.

Video also takes some time before downloading and might not even open and it will make subscribers very bored and frustrated. It might make them to delete the email without a second look of the video or clicking any of the included links. Embedding a video in the email will hardly get you the vital click-through details you might want in contrast with recipients clicking to have a glimpse of the video.

What to do

You can utilise your video’s first frame using it as an image with a clickable link to the video on the internet, which can be a YouTube Channel or a web page, among others. Ensure the image comes with a play icon or button making it obvious that following the link will let the recipient view the video and you can state this obvious fact through hyperlink wording.

While using Email Mojo, the images are not embedded in your emails and using the method where the link is on a static kind of image rather than embedding a video will ensure the mail has a small file size meaning that it is light and easily delivered.

More smart ways of grabbing attention

If you can afford it, animated gifs can be used as the image link with some kind of movement to draw the viewer’s attention or just stress on the topic. If animated gifs are well made they are very not heavy in terms of file size, just a few KBs. However, the animated gif need to be looked into carefully so that it does not become slow to load just like video. Remember very few email clients actually let the animation to play, such as Lotus Notes and Outlook 2013 and under that only display the animated gif’s first frame instead.

You can carefully look into the amount of time you will use in making animated gifs by ensuring you have the real number of your contacts using Lotus Notes or Outlook 2007-2013 by looking at a previous campaign’s client data. If the percentage is very high you might want to go for non-animated types of images and link from them. At the same time, let the gif animation creator know a section of email readers will not be viewing the animation so that the vital message you would like to communicate can appear in the first part.

Essentially, providing links to view a video is perhaps the best chance of seeing your email into the inbox of your subscribers as well as knowing clearly the individual interested in viewing the video, especially because of our live reports.