Why Marketers Need to Continue Sending Emails

After every holiday it is common for people to clean their email inboxes. However, a lot of people keep asking themselves why marketers are always sending them a lot of emails of all kinds sometimes more than twice a day. The simple explanation is that email marketing works! Emails have stood firm as the most effective method of acquiring new customers today than social media. Emails are 40 times effective than Twitter and Facebook combined when it comes to acquiring new customers.

This is essentially because consumers in the UK and North America are still using emails daily. Also, the rate of purchases promoted by emails is still three times better than that Facebook, Twitter and the entire social media networks with the order value on average also 17% higher than that of social media.

This is not to say people should be bombarded with tedious junk mail. It is also important to indicate investment in social networks, mobile app messaging and instant messaging is very important for the modern marketer who wants to utilize any platform available. However, those marketers who are thinking about shifting their marketing budgets from email marketing need to think again because an inbox whose power has been harnessed is very important.

The click is important but the final destination critical

If you are a marketer obsessed with your email marketing and email visuals, copy or even the subject line, it is imperative to ensure you are not forgetting the important thing in all this; destination where a click of the email will be taking the contact. The email will be the first part in the entire consumer decision process. The email is essentially a process of interaction with products or brands and it is the prerogative of the marketers to make sure they know where the email will be sending the contact.

For example, it does not make sense to invest time and money on emails only to take a user to a generic or substandard home page. Rather, an email that takes a customer to a landing page customized for that purposes by sending him or her right onto the offer or item in the email will raise conversion exponentially, even by over 25 percent.

It is also important to remember out of all marketing emails sent 45 percent of them are opened in mobile devices. A lot of marketers do not really optimize these vital landing pages as they should. In case you think it is not a huge deal, remember Google has found out that out of all mobile site users 61 percent will not return to one they were unable to access with about 40 percent turning towards a competitor.

Sharing the information

Those small businesses who view each email as the perfect opportunity of learning about a consumer are poised to raise their total sales percentage without increasing email campaigns. The idea is all about capturing data and ensuring the learning objectives that come with every campaign have been defined before sharing them with the group mandated with marketing as well as the entire company. If something is not working, it is the prerogative of the entire email marketing team to know why.

Relevancy-personalizing every message

With the social media and other platforms competing with emails, it pays to be as personal as possible. It has also been found that the most effective emails are those personalized or customized to a specific clientele. This is why it pays to build a targeting engine that ensures your email marketing campaigns reach the right people. For instance, a retailer of home goods reported a ten times boost in response rates after adopting a personalized method of sending emails founded on catalogue and on-site shopping behaviour of users. You should aim at making your free email marketing campaigns as effective as possible and personalizing emails is a perfect way.