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Why You Need Mobile Email Optimization

Today, a lot of people more than ever before are reading blogs and checking their emails through their Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices. Studies indicate that 74 percent of people using Smartphones are checking emails via their devices and it is a very significant statistic. In case an email marketing campaign or email optins haven’t been optimized for Tablets, Smartphones and other mobile devices chances are you are missing out on over 75 percent of all potential leads.

To see your click through rates and conversions going up it is important to have easy to read emails through out all mobile devices. You need potential leads to perfectly interact with your messages, whether relayed via a free email marketing platform or not as well as ensuring they do not unsubscribe or delete any of your precious emails.

Email marketing is very effective

Email marketing is an effective method of telling people about the product or service that your business is offering. It works when you send an email message describing your business and products to a group of people. This email can also contain aspects such as requests for business partnerships or solicitation for donations or sales. Email marketing has a number of advantages.

One of this is that it helps your business to foster loyalty among your clients as well as promoting the recognition of your brand. Moreover, through email marketing you are able to stay in touch with your customers on an almost day to day basis.

Reduce the file size of the images in your marketing email

In mobile email marketing, it is very crucial that the images download very fast. A single second delay in downloads results in a 7 percent loss in customer conversion. Thus, it literally pays to make your images smaller. You can use software such as FastStone Photo Resizer to make your images up to 80 percent smaller without ruining their quality. This will improve the download speeds of the images in your emails and will help you to convert customers as well.

Size your images to fit on a standard mobile phone

When a customer downloads an image in your marketing email and it does not fit exactly in their mobile phone screen, it is very annoying. They will move on to another email very fast and your business will in turn lose a potential customer immediately. Thus, it is important to resize the images in your marketing emails. You can do this by altering the style proportion of your email in the HTML editor. Set it to be defined by the proportion of the screen and not by its pixels.

You can adjust the setting so that the width of the image takes up approximately 80 percent of the width of the screen it is being observed with. Having done this, you can adjust the height and set it to automatic. Thus, it will automatically fit the height of the mobile device it is being watched on.

Why Email Marketing is Critical for Small Businesses

It is clear to everyone, small business owners included, that over 90 percent of users are making use of emails daily. It is also well known mobile email users are over 900 million today, showing without a shadow of doubt email marketing strategies will be around for along time, especially for all kinds of small and medium businesses out there.

Email marketing is effective

It is also true the expectations of customers are going up and small businesses must come up with email marketing strategies that work. Today, while email marketing is a very effective way of engaging customers, just a third or so of small companies and small businesses are into email marketing to reach their prospects, engage customers and catch more leads. Whether small businesses are really into free email marketing or not, email marketing is critical and there are email marketing service providers who are helping with these.

Email marketing turns subscribers into customers. This kind of marketing, especially to small businesses is easy, affordable and very effective particularly when it comes to transacting business online. For instance, email marketing helps to build relationships with customers, subscribers as well as prospects in the course of personalized appropriate email communication.

Great in affiliate marketing

Email marketing plays a significant role in affiliate marketing among small businesses helping to make a lot of money online. Small business operators through email marketing promote their products online helping them to improve their impact on the approach on its chosen market. This approach gives small business operators a chance to reach out directly to interested consumers through email marketing than taking a less accurate broad-brush approach.

Links in emails

As a point of fact, email marketing has enabled small business operators to allow convenient placement of important links on products as well as services. Therefore, this kind of strategy helps small business operators to grab the reader’s attention in order to boost revenue for the company. Updating email list is faster to allow easy management of the inbox in the area of comments, feedback as well as queries. This kind of operation clearly indicates email marketing campaigns are the future of small businesses.

Quick communication

One of the quickest forms of communication, which enables customers to acquire immediate information as well as allow instant access to their replies and queries, is email marketing perfectly done. By means of email marketing, the responses towards the marketing campaigns take a maximum of three days as compared to the speed of direct mail campaigns, which can take up to twelve days for a response.

Email marketing provides important data by means of small businesses to the targeted audiences. In this operation, data provided by email marketing include, open rates, clicked links as well as conversion details. In addition, it provides special tools, which help to measure accuracy as well as analyzing the responses of the email campaign.

Email marketing is just like a new technology and offers tremendous opportunities to small business operators at least to create a niche of their own.



Ways of Boosting Email Marketing Strategy

Have you been experiencing a lot of email marketing problems? If yes, then it is a high time you developed email marketing strategies that work for you no matter what you are engaged in. This strategy can consist of many elements, but ideally, it should aim to meet the expectations and the needs of the target audience, whether you are using free email marketing service or not. For instance, this can be a short follow up sequence to convince the people to buy the product that they have looked at on a website or blog. Here are a number of key aspects of email marketing strategies that can boost your business.

Make the most of newsletters

If you are thinking of creating a successful email marketing strategy with your subscribers, using newsletters should be an obvious solution. This should be weekly or monthly although it is very clear that recreating them weekly should be able to yield better results. Make use of your blog content to create a useful, valuable newsletter without creating a new piece of information. You can use this to promote your own blog posts or blogs that contribute to other industry publications.

Use individual emails to promote your posts effectively

Another good way is to promote your individual posts in your emails as you publish them. Many email service providers have a service called RSS that can be used to create a template every time you want to publish a new blog and comes very handy when you need it. This feature principally helps you in promoting a new blog post so that you can update your audience automatically.

Make the most of older posts as lead magnets

Apart from updating your subscriber, blog posts can also help you to capture them as well. You can do this by finding some of your most popular posts and use them as lead magnets. If you have over 300 online marketing tools for instance, it would be difficult for subscribers to dig through the archives to find them. You can use this as bait by saying that “subscribe and receive a free 300+ online marketing tools recommended by experts” and the result will be perfect.

Use lead magnets in older posts to also recruit more subscribers

You can use lead magnets in popular blog posts so as to attract subscribers. For example, if you have content talking about how to do something you can place an option in the middle of your posts that says “download our content to get free ways that you can apply to make your business prosper” and you will surely see a lot of subscription because people love free things, offline or online. This is just a small addition that will go a long way in boosting your email subscribers.

Email marketing strategy will be more effective when you build it on trust and using above and many other methods. As you do this, you will be more guaranteed that your effort will generate a long stream of income for you.

How to Follow Up With New Customers and Convince Them to Return

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies out there. As such, it has been employed by many online marketers out there. However, you have to have the right email marketing skills in order to achieve the most out of your email marketing campaign out there, whether you are into free email marketing or not. One such technique involves following up new customers. Here are a number of ideas on following up new potential customers and convincing them to return.

Convince them

First, you have to be aware of the fact that emails are quite unsettling when sent to a stranger. The first impression that your customer gets once they receive your email is that you are just another scammer out there and your content will be treated as spam. The real gamble lies in convincing such customers that you are not a scammer and that your emails are not a bunch of spam. Another thing is that people are not really concerned about your business. The subtlety required in convincing a potential client that you are genuine is the thing that differentiates between a competent email marketer and an amateur one.

Real and catchy

Therefore, you need to monitor the movement of your subjects. Instead of repeating the same message, you are advised to elaborate on your point. In order to ensure the potential customers give you the much-desired attention you want, twist your titles in a nifty way to make them real and catchy. For instance, if you had told them about some software that helps them sort out their emails in an easier and more convenient way, you may pop up – “Get Your Emails Sorted in a Jiffy!” If they truly had a problem sorting their emails, the headline will be a real spot-on hit. They will give you a chance and do all the verification they need to substantiate you are genuine.

Put yourself in the shoes of the potential lead

Think about the potential customers through the message you are about to send them and if you think it will resonate with them once they have received it from a business person such as yourself. In case you think it’s not a message resonating well with yourself, rethink sending it to your precious leads. Remember the audience should influence the content type you should be sending out as well as dictating the timing and frequency of the email follow-up. A good example is a target audience chiefly of Muslims; reaching them on a Friday might never work.

Diverse channels

Using diverse channels is very important. This means you must be aware of your audience and where they can be found; remember the first guess you made about them might have been the wrong one. Emails, leaflets, notes, phone calls, social networking sites and such are wonderful ways of following up potential customers. Avoid sticking to a single technique.

Finally, you need to space your mails to avoid sounding too nagging. Sounding like a pestering bother will undo all the progress you may have made.

Why Marketers Need to Continue Sending Emails

After every holiday it is common for people to clean their email inboxes. However, a lot of people keep asking themselves why marketers are always sending them a lot of emails of all kinds sometimes more than twice a day. The simple explanation is that email marketing works! Emails have stood firm as the most effective method of acquiring new customers today than social media. Emails are 40 times effective than Twitter and Facebook combined when it comes to acquiring new customers.

This is essentially because consumers in the UK and North America are still using emails daily. Also, the rate of purchases promoted by emails is still three times better than that Facebook, Twitter and the entire social media networks with the order value on average also 17% higher than that of social media.

This is not to say people should be bombarded with tedious junk mail. It is also important to indicate investment in social networks, mobile app messaging and instant messaging is very important for the modern marketer who wants to utilize any platform available. However, those marketers who are thinking about shifting their marketing budgets from email marketing need to think again because an inbox whose power has been harnessed is very important.

The click is important but the final destination critical

If you are a marketer obsessed with your email marketing and email visuals, copy or even the subject line, it is imperative to ensure you are not forgetting the important thing in all this; destination where a click of the email will be taking the contact. The email will be the first part in the entire consumer decision process. The email is essentially a process of interaction with products or brands and it is the prerogative of the marketers to make sure they know where the email will be sending the contact.

For example, it does not make sense to invest time and money on emails only to take a user to a generic or substandard home page. Rather, an email that takes a customer to a landing page customized for that purposes by sending him or her right onto the offer or item in the email will raise conversion exponentially, even by over 25 percent.

It is also important to remember out of all marketing emails sent 45 percent of them are opened in mobile devices. A lot of marketers do not really optimize these vital landing pages as they should. In case you think it is not a huge deal, remember Google has found out that out of all mobile site users 61 percent will not return to one they were unable to access with about 40 percent turning towards a competitor.

Sharing the information

Those small businesses who view each email as the perfect opportunity of learning about a consumer are poised to raise their total sales percentage without increasing email campaigns. The idea is all about capturing data and ensuring the learning objectives that come with every campaign have been defined before sharing them with the group mandated with marketing as well as the entire company. If something is not working, it is the prerogative of the entire email marketing team to know why.

Relevancy-personalizing every message

With the social media and other platforms competing with emails, it pays to be as personal as possible. It has also been found that the most effective emails are those personalized or customized to a specific clientele. This is why it pays to build a targeting engine that ensures your email marketing campaigns reach the right people. For instance, a retailer of home goods reported a ten times boost in response rates after adopting a personalized method of sending emails founded on catalogue and on-site shopping behaviour of users. You should aim at making your free email marketing campaigns as effective as possible and personalizing emails is a perfect way.

Email marketing-Why not to use Do-not-reply Email Addresses

Email is a two way communication channel. If you want to speak to your subscribers, then you ought to give them an opportunity to speak as well. When you send an email from a do-not-reply address, you are simply telling subscribers that “we just don’t care and if you may, please keep your opinion about us to yourself”.

When it comes to email marketing, your subscribers are your potential customers and there is no justifiable reason why they should be insulted with no-reply addresses, whether you are using free email marketing platforms or not. Here are a couple of reasons why no-reply addresses are hurting you and why you should stop using them now.

Address book

The best way to ensure emails are delivered to subscribers’ inbox is by having them add your email address to their address book. There is no reason why a person would add a no-reply address to their address book. It also means that you could be loosing subscribers to your email list on a daily basis.

Not everyone wants to unsubscribe

Not all recipients look for an unsubscribe link. Some will simply hit reply in an attempt of asking to be unsubscribed from your mailing list and when this isn’t possible, they will report the email as spam and this will hurt your email reputation.

Out-of-office email replies

The main reason why you use no-reply addresses is perhaps to avoid getting out-of-office replies. It can be tedious and time consuming to wade through thousands of replies searching for one with genuine information, but in the long run that genuine reply will give you insight on the subscribers’ opinion of your product or service.

Replies also give you an opportunity to clean up your email list by removing inactive addresses and also update personal information of subscribers.

No-reply address makes you look rude and arrogant

Using a no-reply address sends a negative message to subscribers and it makes you seem out-and-out rude and arrogant. By using a no-reply address, you are telling your subscribers that they ought to listen to you but you don’t want to listen to them. You are also telling them that you don’t care of their opinion and they should shut-up. This is a negative in email marketing and should be stopped.

Legal requirement

Most countries do not allow no-reply addresses and there are rules in place for such practices. You are required to have a working address where people can reply to you in case of inquiries.

It is not easy to deal with thousands of email replies, and that is why you use no-reply addresses. Though this makes your job easier in the short-run, you tend to lose more subscribers in the end. It is easy to lose people’s trust than it is to gain it. Adding a reply address will help you maintain subscribers for longer. If you must use a no-reply address, leave some reply information at the footer of your email otherwise it is best to avoid no-reply addresses at all costs.

5 Reasons Your Emails Have Refused to Get You the Results You Need

Having an email campaign is usually very important when it comes to promoting a business product to as many people as possible. However when it comes to spending and writing quality content, returns may seem to be very small as the open rates just do not show progress. There are usually a number of reasons that make potential clients pass your emails and go to others, whether you made the most of free email marketing or not.

The subject line on email is boring

This literally means that the title of the email is not enticing enough or captivating. To make email marketing successful, ensure that it does not sound too promotional and salesy in the process. Terms like “free”, “$$$” should be avoided at all costs, as they always seem like spam.

Also, rather than sell the steak simply stick with the sizzle, a rule that is very clear for those who write ad copies. To ensure that you are writing or coming up with an email that sells itself, you must avoid a number of things, for instance focusing on the service or product’s features such as how the product looks like, its shiny attributes or how a button or dongle works.

Impersonal email address

Email marketing emails should be seen as human by the email address being used. This literally means that instead of using the businesses name only you might want to use the writers name together with the business name. This usually helps to let the person reading the email know that it was written by someone and not an email response created by the business.

The subject line doesn’t talk of something specific

When it comes to the subject line of an email, talking about the uniqueness of the business is a must. The email marketing subject should centre on specific uniqueness of the email product being promoted and what it offers.

Emails sent at the wrong time

Basically the most common mistake done with email marketing is sending the emails to the recipient’s inbox at the wrong time. Many tend to send emails Monday or Tuesday, however this should not be done as people are usually swamped with work. It is better to send emails in the afternoons when the week is ending, as people are generally bored and the opening rates are highest then.

Long subject line

People generally are bored very quickly with emails, and thus when an email tends to be too long they move on to the next thing. Using a short email subject line that is catchy is Key to get the opening rates for the business. Personalization of an email address and enticing preview of the first lines, together with a short catchy subject line is vital for any successful email marketing campaign.

An email can also have a number of testimonials, especially if the email is mostly written as an ad copy. Keep changing your testimonials with new ones with every email you submit and avoid sending the same testimonials you have submitted for a decade.

3 Main Reasons Why Nobody Opens Your Emails

An email campaign is one of the greatest backbones when it comes to promoting a new product, a program, service or any other thing. This is mainly due to the fact that many people use emails, with studies suggesting that over 900 million emails were sent in 2013 alone. It is a great way to get the people who do not have time to look at other types of advertisement especially those who believe in the professionalism of emails and privacy of their messages and what they do with them.

In which case email marketing helps to cover up all the other marketing channels and take sales to a whole new level, even if you are into free email marketing. However, as one starts the email marketing campaign there is always likelihood that most of the emails will be ignored. Below are some reasons why nobody is opening your emails.

The subject is not appealing

This is actually in a literal sense where subject line might not be telling the audience what it shall do for them. When the subject talks of the company or the abilities of the product in question, any one seeing or reading it immediately makes up his or her mind that it just another promotional message. Instead of going for more open rates, think of wordings on how the product will help the people reading the emails and ensure its not too salesy but an email with a message that helps.

Wrong timing

Sending emails to people at the wrong time is a main contributor to why nobody opens your emails. With meetings coming up back to back on Monday and Tuesday mornings, this at first may seem as a good time to send emails as people will be reconfirming their schedules. However the truth is that they will see the email as a nuisance and you definitely do not want that. Instead, wait for a time where things are going slow, and people do not have much to do and are typically bored. Do it at the end of the week or even on weekends and people will open the emails much more.

Lack of personalization

When it comes to reading emails, people generally want to assume there is a person at the other end of the line who cares about them, knows their names and cares to address them through their names and through the content. However, when a product name or a company name is used, this usually drives the readers away right from the start due to the simple reason that the email looks like it has been automatically generated by a company or brand that does not care.

It is much better to place in a name of an actual person in the company who heads the campaign itself before the company name as the email address, this way the emails will have a higher chance of being opened as it relates to people and clearly has been sent by a human.

Reasons Why Nobody is Opening Your Emails Hurting Your Conversation Rate

You’ve spent your valuable time crafting emails only for them to end up unread. This is quite a frustrating experience and you’d want to change it against all odds. So, to make your email marketing campaign a success, you’d first have to understand why it fails.

Customize content

No one will open an email if it is not of any relevance to them. You have to know your audience and what they want so as to be relevant while clearly knowing that no one will be concerned with your emails if they lack customization. Rates have been dropping among email marketers, even those using free email marketing platforms and the reason this is happening is because leads want and desire customized content. People are not ready to labour through total junk that is so bad, whether intended for them or not. Essentially, it is important to at least know something about your leads or audience and what they are really want.

Responsive emails for mobile

Three years ago or so you could have been forgiven for not optimizing email marketing for mobile but not today. In 2013 alone, more than 50 percent of all emails read and opened were opened through mobile devices, a trend that is rising on a daily basis. Your website, emails and newsletters have to respond to this critical change otherwise your leads will continue plummeting.   A large part of the population today uses mobile phones to read their emails. If your newsletters are not optimized for small screens like that of Smartphones and Tablets, chances are that you are missing out on a large part of your audience.

Email subject

The subject of your email is enough to make a person decide whether he should read your email or not. If the subject line is not enticing enough, they will just skip over to the next email. The subject needs to be interesting but it should at the same time not sound like a pitch for sales. Be specific and unique to your business and if you can get personal, it is even better.

Format congestion

This is a great turn off for email recipients. A complex email will often go unread. So make yours easy to absorb such that readers can quickly scan over it and still get the message.

Not too many emails

Do not overstuff your subscribers with emails. 1-4 emails every month should be enough or you could tailor the frequency depending on the relationship with your subscribers. Over-sending emails turns out to be a bother and nuisance to the recipients and they may end up redirecting your emails to spam and at that point you will have lost them for good.

Timing is everything

Bad timing could also be the reason no one ever reads your emails. Study your audience carefully and determine the time that they are likely to check their inbox. This will help increase your open rates.

When you emails end up unread, it is because there is something that you are not doing right. Take some time, re-evaluate your strategy and then make the necessary changes.


This is How to Follow up With Newly Added Customers and Influence Them to Return

Every serious business has reaching and attracting new customers as its top priority. Such an organization is always looking for ways of expanding its audience, forging new connections in the process growing the business. However, the tough nut to crack is always what follows after attracting an additional audience or after delivering a wonderful experience to all first timer consumers or customers. Getting the new customer to return is not easy as most businesses have come to realize.

Relationships take time to build

Obviously, making a lasting first impression is everything and a very vital step towards building a long-term relationship. Nonetheless, you must do a little more to let your customers know how crucial they are and continue gaining as much loyalty as possible. After taking time to build relationships with the user of your products or services via smart email marketing, you can expect them to respond to your move by returning into your site. Some will even let their friends, acquaintance and strangers to know the kind of great experience they had.

Keep adding more subscribers via online opt-in forms and even at your online store and reach them out with the kind of information you know is valuable to them. New customer follow-up is very important and you can do it easily.

Warm welcome is everything

A welcome email helps a lot in building up the momentum. Our tool allows you to customize a welcome mail using content, logo or branding. After new subscribers have joined your list the welcome mail can then be sent to them automatically.

In the welcome email, you can ensure contact details have a personal signature, guarantees of both data security and privacy, a summary of the things the customer should expect inside future emails, including a friendly and very warm introduction.

Incentives and thanking the new customer

It is important to thank the new subscriber or customer for purchasing your services or goods and it will show them how vital they are and matter a lot. Always remember a personal thank you is everything followed by an incentive or reason to return. Think about offering an original ‘thank you’ with a video appreciating what the customer has done in a couple of seconds or simply have a fun staff photo embedded.

At the top of the email, the image of all employees or some of them can be shown projecting their gratitude to the customer. Together with the email a discount of a specific amount should be included to help in the next purchase for the precious customer with an expiry date. The expiration date is to motivate the customer to shop again soon in your store.

Auto responders and new relationship nurturing

With an auto responder you have a very unique tool to create personalized series of automated emails sent to every subscriber added into the list. Just like the welcome email, Auto responders are special in that once you have set them you can forget about it. You even decide on the frequency within which to send auto responders, design email series and add relevant subscribers to your list.

It is in the area of new contacts that the usefulness of Auto responders is clear since they definitely require a holistic introduction into your brand, services and products right from the beginning. It is a chance to provide vital information displaying your obvious expertise in your niche as you constantly remind the contacts the easiest way of connecting with your store or yourself.

Additional help

Avoid leaving the customer after the first great experience with your brand. Chances are some are not really aware of all the great services or products you offer. People can be nudged to return by providing them with extra information on the specialties of your business. You can even indicate the different seasonal products or service that could aid your customer in solving certain complications at a specific period of the year.

Make these offers irresistible by providing them cheap or at a discount to the new customers or come up with a starter up specially made for every one of them. The tone of the email at this time should not be too promotional, showing how much you want to help the customer deal with his or her interests, needs or problems. You can also ask the customers a number of questions or request them to ask you to understand who they are, betters ways of remaining connected with them and the things they are interested in.

Invite customers back

With certain events in a couple of weeks or months you can easily return the customer into your business as well as meeting and connecting with loyal customers. Once you have thought about or confirmed the events coming up later in your company, design creative ways of involving the new audience in any of these upcoming events.

It can be hosting open houses, conferences with guest speakers or partnership events with non-profit entities and customers should know this in your emails. Customers can be offered event registration beforehand to have a chance to follow them up with a reminder just before the beginning of the event.

Promote social channels

Don’t be shy to share your social channels with every new customer while offering them a chance to look into your content and a chance to further investigate what your organization has been into in the recent past. It gives them a chance to know your business better, whether they have been with your for long or not.

Social media also allows you to know what people you have never met think about your products or services. Also, the way you interact with subscribers or customers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social network sites gives them a chance to know your business better. Sharing links to your social presence and the web is also a wonderful way of driving followership and increasing traffic.

Remember as you might have already realized that social media and email work best if used together and each email sent should contain channels to your social media at the bottom.