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Why You Need Mobile Email Optimization

Today, a lot of people more than ever before are reading blogs and checking their emails through their Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices. Studies indicate that 74 percent of people using Smartphones are checking emails via their devices and it is a very significant statistic. In case an email marketing campaign or email optins haven’t been optimized for Tablets, Smartphones and other mobile devices chances are you are missing out on over 75 percent of all potential leads.

To see your click through rates and conversions going up it is important to have easy to read emails through out all mobile devices. You need potential leads to perfectly interact with your messages, whether relayed via a free email marketing platform or not as well as ensuring they do not unsubscribe or delete any of your precious emails.

Email marketing is very effective

Email marketing is an effective method of telling people about the product or service that your business is offering. It works when you send an email message describing your business and products to a group of people. This email can also contain aspects such as requests for business partnerships or solicitation for donations or sales. Email marketing has a number of advantages.

One of this is that it helps your business to foster loyalty among your clients as well as promoting the recognition of your brand. Moreover, through email marketing you are able to stay in touch with your customers on an almost day to day basis.

Reduce the file size of the images in your marketing email

In mobile email marketing, it is very crucial that the images download very fast. A single second delay in downloads results in a 7 percent loss in customer conversion. Thus, it literally pays to make your images smaller. You can use software such as FastStone Photo Resizer to make your images up to 80 percent smaller without ruining their quality. This will improve the download speeds of the images in your emails and will help you to convert customers as well.

Size your images to fit on a standard mobile phone

When a customer downloads an image in your marketing email and it does not fit exactly in their mobile phone screen, it is very annoying. They will move on to another email very fast and your business will in turn lose a potential customer immediately. Thus, it is important to resize the images in your marketing emails. You can do this by altering the style proportion of your email in the HTML editor. Set it to be defined by the proportion of the screen and not by its pixels.

You can adjust the setting so that the width of the image takes up approximately 80 percent of the width of the screen it is being observed with. Having done this, you can adjust the height and set it to automatic. Thus, it will automatically fit the height of the mobile device it is being watched on.

Mobile Responsive Design and Its Importance in Today’s Email Marketing

Responsive mobile web design is all related to improvement and efficiency in usability especially for the consumers. Responsive mobile design in simple terms means that the way the website is designed is going to look different depending on the type of computing device used. The goal is to create an ideal user experience on all available devices, thus to increase response in this regard. The web is designed in a fluid manner such that the pages are broken into blocks ordered in divergent manner in regard to the device screen size.

Responsive mobile design and email marketing connect at the point where today, mobile device users are not just browsing websites and blogs only but also using them to reply and read emails fast wherever they are. One of the common uses of mobile devices is usually the use of mobile phones to read emails. It is arguably the main online activity of mobile devices owners considering over 900 million emails were sent in 2013 alone.

Emails creation with mobile device users in mind

On average a huge number was found to be utilizing their mobile phones whether large, tiny or small to read their emails according to different research statistics. Therefore, email marketing and responsive mobile web design interweaves in that if you want to reach a big pool of customers you need to have a web design accessible via mobile devices. Essentially email marketers should be designing their emails first with mobile devices in mind since the world is shifting towards that platform. There are a number of things why responsive mobile design is vital in email marketing, whether you are into free email marketing or not.

Poor formatting prompts delete

If the formatting is poor, a modern customer will not think twice about deleting their email. You would like to keep your subscribers for posterity and future communication and the last thing you would like is to not reach your leads fast on their mobile devices just because your emails are not being relayed by an email marketing service provider whose platform is mobile responsive.


It aims at designing a message that rends properly in order to paint a brand technological competent and progressive right from the start. You really do not need to appear analogue to your digital leads.


Navigating an email or a website using small computing device screen can be strenuous and difficult. Responsive mobile design allows scrolling and calls to action to appear dexterously in regard to the user’s mind.

It is the future

Technology today is advancing very fast and its growth cannot be expected to dwindle. In fact, it is possible that lots of small mobile devices will enter the market tomorrow and your emails must be responsive enough to meet the users of these devices in the perfect way possible. By utilizing responsive design you are preparing for the future in your email marketing endeavours.

Remove content

Responsive design removes some content that would otherwise not be displayed well on the screen of a computer. This unnecessary content is eliminated and your call to action messages becomes stronger.