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Email marketing-Why not to use Do-not-reply Email Addresses

Email is a two way communication channel. If you want to speak to your subscribers, then you ought to give them an opportunity to speak as well. When you send an email from a do-not-reply address, you are simply telling subscribers that “we just don’t care and if you may, please keep your opinion about us to yourself”.

When it comes to email marketing, your subscribers are your potential customers and there is no justifiable reason why they should be insulted with no-reply addresses, whether you are using free email marketing platforms or not. Here are a couple of reasons why no-reply addresses are hurting you and why you should stop using them now.

Address book

The best way to ensure emails are delivered to subscribers’ inbox is by having them add your email address to their address book. There is no reason why a person would add a no-reply address to their address book. It also means that you could be loosing subscribers to your email list on a daily basis.

Not everyone wants to unsubscribe

Not all recipients look for an unsubscribe link. Some will simply hit reply in an attempt of asking to be unsubscribed from your mailing list and when this isn’t possible, they will report the email as spam and this will hurt your email reputation.

Out-of-office email replies

The main reason why you use no-reply addresses is perhaps to avoid getting out-of-office replies. It can be tedious and time consuming to wade through thousands of replies searching for one with genuine information, but in the long run that genuine reply will give you insight on the subscribers’ opinion of your product or service.

Replies also give you an opportunity to clean up your email list by removing inactive addresses and also update personal information of subscribers.

No-reply address makes you look rude and arrogant

Using a no-reply address sends a negative message to subscribers and it makes you seem out-and-out rude and arrogant. By using a no-reply address, you are telling your subscribers that they ought to listen to you but you don’t want to listen to them. You are also telling them that you don’t care of their opinion and they should shut-up. This is a negative in email marketing and should be stopped.

Legal requirement

Most countries do not allow no-reply addresses and there are rules in place for such practices. You are required to have a working address where people can reply to you in case of inquiries.

It is not easy to deal with thousands of email replies, and that is why you use no-reply addresses. Though this makes your job easier in the short-run, you tend to lose more subscribers in the end. It is easy to lose people’s trust than it is to gain it. Adding a reply address will help you maintain subscribers for longer. If you must use a no-reply address, leave some reply information at the footer of your email otherwise it is best to avoid no-reply addresses at all costs.