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Here is to Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing can be extremely cost effective, but as with any other form of marketing you must target the right audience. Unsolicited email commonly known as SPAM is illegal, but according to the New York Times it accounts for 94 percent of all emails sent. People are easily annoyed by unsolicited email which is irrelevant to them and it is likely that they will delete any email which falls into this category without a second thought.

A successful email campaign will focus on people who have already expressed an interest in your brand or content. If your organization keeps a large database of fans, it may be worth breaking them down into groups so that you can target more effectively, with free email marketing or not. For example, securing a donation from somebody who has had direct help from your organization may take a different approach from somebody who has expressed a passing interest in supporting you.

Opting in-out

As already mentioned, it is usually illegal to send unsolicited email. It means unless somebody has opted to receive email from you, they cannot be added to your mailing list.

Once you have a person’s consent, it is legal to send them newsletters. However, you must provide them with the option to opt in-out. Failing to do this can land you in hot water with the authorities. Use an experienced email service provider agency if in any doubt!

Build your mailing list

One of the most difficult parts of an email marketing campaign is convincing people to subscribe. Your website is an obvious place to start. If you don’t already have an email newsletter registration form, make it a priority to have one up and running as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to highlight the benefits of registering for your visitors. Be careful not to ask for too much information-name and email address are usually enough.

If you offer any other registration services on your site, adding an email newsletter tick-box is another good way to pick up subscribers. This provides visitors who are signing up to receive other services the additional option to be added to your email newsletter list.

Adding value

Your email newsletter must provide value to your subscribers. They must find it interesting and relevant. Your subscribers will want to scan quickly through your newsletter to find something interesting. A good way to manage this is providing the heading and first paragraph of several articles along with a ‘read more’ link which takes readers directly to the full article on your website. This not only helps your readers to skip straight to the content that interests them, but also enables you to gather statistics on which articles are most popular.

The right email marketing system will enable you to set up messages which are customized with your subscribers’ details. “Dear Cameron” is a much more effective way to get a person’s attention than “Dear Subscriber”.

Getting Something Back

As well as providing value to your readers, your newsletter must provide some benefit to you as an organization. Before you begin putting together content, take time to think about the aims of your newsletter. What do you want people to think when they read it? What action(s) do you want them to perform as a result?


Statistics are, without doubt, the single most vital piece of this jigsaw. A good set of statistics will enable you to measure success and adjust campaigns for the future.

Once your email has found its way to your subscribers, the email marketing service provider will help you to track the number of subscribers who have read your newsletter and links clicked.

Email marketing-Why not to use Do-not-reply Email Addresses

Email is a two way communication channel. If you want to speak to your subscribers, then you ought to give them an opportunity to speak as well. When you send an email from a do-not-reply address, you are simply telling subscribers that “we just don’t care and if you may, please keep your opinion about us to yourself”.

When it comes to email marketing, your subscribers are your potential customers and there is no justifiable reason why they should be insulted with no-reply addresses, whether you are using free email marketing platforms or not. Here are a couple of reasons why no-reply addresses are hurting you and why you should stop using them now.

Address book

The best way to ensure emails are delivered to subscribers’ inbox is by having them add your email address to their address book. There is no reason why a person would add a no-reply address to their address book. It also means that you could be loosing subscribers to your email list on a daily basis.

Not everyone wants to unsubscribe

Not all recipients look for an unsubscribe link. Some will simply hit reply in an attempt of asking to be unsubscribed from your mailing list and when this isn’t possible, they will report the email as spam and this will hurt your email reputation.

Out-of-office email replies

The main reason why you use no-reply addresses is perhaps to avoid getting out-of-office replies. It can be tedious and time consuming to wade through thousands of replies searching for one with genuine information, but in the long run that genuine reply will give you insight on the subscribers’ opinion of your product or service.

Replies also give you an opportunity to clean up your email list by removing inactive addresses and also update personal information of subscribers.

No-reply address makes you look rude and arrogant

Using a no-reply address sends a negative message to subscribers and it makes you seem out-and-out rude and arrogant. By using a no-reply address, you are telling your subscribers that they ought to listen to you but you don’t want to listen to them. You are also telling them that you don’t care of their opinion and they should shut-up. This is a negative in email marketing and should be stopped.

Legal requirement

Most countries do not allow no-reply addresses and there are rules in place for such practices. You are required to have a working address where people can reply to you in case of inquiries.

It is not easy to deal with thousands of email replies, and that is why you use no-reply addresses. Though this makes your job easier in the short-run, you tend to lose more subscribers in the end. It is easy to lose people’s trust than it is to gain it. Adding a reply address will help you maintain subscribers for longer. If you must use a no-reply address, leave some reply information at the footer of your email otherwise it is best to avoid no-reply addresses at all costs.

Email Marketing-Tips for Resending Emails to Non-openers

Email marketing is an invaluable tool in getting the message across to individuals on your mailing list. When the email has been conveyed successfully to the recipient, there are those that open while others choose to ignore. For the group that never opened the email, you can try resending them the exact email, whether you are using free email marketing or not. Resending emails to non-openers can be a good option for re-engaging with subscribers on your mailing list but sometimes this may go haywire, especially with individuals who love their privacy and don’t like to be bothered.

However, the sure-fire tips for resending emails to non-openers go a long way into ensuring you have succeeded in resending an unopened email to subscribers on your mailing list.

Checking delivery framework

Changing your entire mail and then resending it is vital. You should first of all do a thorough check on the email’s delivery framework. Key areas to look at are the algorithms and the ISP. If you are certain everything is fine and dandy, you might proceed to do a number of things.

Change subject line

You will need to make the subject matter look different to give the perception of a new mail to the reader. Apart from tweaking the subject with a couple of words such as “last chance” and “reminder” that gives that level of urgency you are looking for you can definitely come up with a novel subject line very different from the one you were using before. A tweaked subject line lets the recipient of the email to know that it was not sent to him or her by mistake.

The recipient knows that the email is important and that is why you resent it to ensure they missed out on nothing. However, remember that resending should only be done on very vital email campaigns.

Trying changing resending time

You will need to do some research regarding the best time to send the communication. Some prefer early in the mornings on weekdays whereas industries would prefer a weekend campaign when they are free. Timing is everything and you need to pay attention to your audience. For instance, you cannot send to an audience mostly made up of Christians on Sundays when they are mostly at church or engulfed in church related issues throughout the day.

Changing snippet text

The snippet tool gives the reader a short preview of what to expect. This means the snippets have to be made as attractive as possible to develop interest from the recipient.

Behavioural profiling

Profile the behaviour of your mail subscribers and group them based on their behaviours. This way you will get a clearer picture of who opens and who doesn’t. Finally supplement promotion with information.

Send from a recognized email address

When sending to your subscribers; use an email address and a name that they know or familiar with. It is important to personalize the email as well.

Keep test-running an array of test such as the A/B split test for determining effective subject lines. CTA placement and litmus test are important before launching an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing-How to Get More Leads

Are you an internet marketer looking for the best way to generate leads through a perfect email marketing strategy? Is your plan the best method of generating leads through email marketing? Well, if all these inquisitions are creating a problem on your mind, then you have come to the right place. Here are a number of quality dos you might want to know when it comes to applying an effective email marketing technique that will in turn generate more leads for you, whether you are into free email marketing or not.

Subject Line

To be factual and upfront here, the subject line of your email matters a lot. It will determine if leads are going to read your email or not. One of the best ways to captivate or engage your leads is to create a subject line that practically addresses their business problems or needs. On this note, it is expedient to make your subject lines actionable such as ”download our latest tutorials” or ”attend our IT Forum”. You can as well personalize your subject lines to pass effective and touching message to your leads.


Do you know that prospective visitors and leads are bombarded with massive amounts of email on a daily basis? For this reason, it is a good idea to keep your email brewing with succinctness while at the same time engaging and very concise. Do not forget that the more you bombard prospects the more they switch off from your emails and the first thing they will do when you send them quality and informative emails next time will be to delete or spam them without a second look.


Using images along with your content is a great way to pass quick message to your leads. Studies have shown that the human brain captures image message faster than pure text. To be on the fast track, ensure to garner the beauty of your email with images. However, sometimes you might want to stop embedding video to your email and if you must share one offer your leads a link to the video on another page off the email.

Social integration

It is a good thing for your leads to spread the sent email on their social network. This will even give more people the opportunity of understanding the value of your email. For this reason, you can always incorporate social media links within your email. This will help your leads to further share the message in what is called word-of-mouth advertising. You can incorporate social media links on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter just to mention a few.


Finally educating your leads about the service or product is highly important. The best way to help your leads understand about the product or service is by making them consume the content. This can be done by an effective CTA (call to action). This can be in the likes of “register”, “download”, “try now”, or “read”. You will have to give your leads a way of instantly taking the next step. With all the points above, you are sure to draw more leads through email marketing.

Reasons Why Nobody is Opening Your Emails Hurting Your Conversation Rate

You’ve spent your valuable time crafting emails only for them to end up unread. This is quite a frustrating experience and you’d want to change it against all odds. So, to make your email marketing campaign a success, you’d first have to understand why it fails.

Customize content

No one will open an email if it is not of any relevance to them. You have to know your audience and what they want so as to be relevant while clearly knowing that no one will be concerned with your emails if they lack customization. Rates have been dropping among email marketers, even those using free email marketing platforms and the reason this is happening is because leads want and desire customized content. People are not ready to labour through total junk that is so bad, whether intended for them or not. Essentially, it is important to at least know something about your leads or audience and what they are really want.

Responsive emails for mobile

Three years ago or so you could have been forgiven for not optimizing email marketing for mobile but not today. In 2013 alone, more than 50 percent of all emails read and opened were opened through mobile devices, a trend that is rising on a daily basis. Your website, emails and newsletters have to respond to this critical change otherwise your leads will continue plummeting.   A large part of the population today uses mobile phones to read their emails. If your newsletters are not optimized for small screens like that of Smartphones and Tablets, chances are that you are missing out on a large part of your audience.

Email subject

The subject of your email is enough to make a person decide whether he should read your email or not. If the subject line is not enticing enough, they will just skip over to the next email. The subject needs to be interesting but it should at the same time not sound like a pitch for sales. Be specific and unique to your business and if you can get personal, it is even better.

Format congestion

This is a great turn off for email recipients. A complex email will often go unread. So make yours easy to absorb such that readers can quickly scan over it and still get the message.

Not too many emails

Do not overstuff your subscribers with emails. 1-4 emails every month should be enough or you could tailor the frequency depending on the relationship with your subscribers. Over-sending emails turns out to be a bother and nuisance to the recipients and they may end up redirecting your emails to spam and at that point you will have lost them for good.

Timing is everything

Bad timing could also be the reason no one ever reads your emails. Study your audience carefully and determine the time that they are likely to check their inbox. This will help increase your open rates.

When you emails end up unread, it is because there is something that you are not doing right. Take some time, re-evaluate your strategy and then make the necessary changes.