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Ways of Boosting Email Marketing Strategy

Have you been experiencing a lot of email marketing problems? If yes, then it is a high time you developed email marketing strategies that work for you no matter what you are engaged in. This strategy can consist of many elements, but ideally, it should aim to meet the expectations and the needs of the target audience, whether you are using free email marketing service or not. For instance, this can be a short follow up sequence to convince the people to buy the product that they have looked at on a website or blog. Here are a number of key aspects of email marketing strategies that can boost your business.

Make the most of newsletters

If you are thinking of creating a successful email marketing strategy with your subscribers, using newsletters should be an obvious solution. This should be weekly or monthly although it is very clear that recreating them weekly should be able to yield better results. Make use of your blog content to create a useful, valuable newsletter without creating a new piece of information. You can use this to promote your own blog posts or blogs that contribute to other industry publications.

Use individual emails to promote your posts effectively

Another good way is to promote your individual posts in your emails as you publish them. Many email service providers have a service called RSS that can be used to create a template every time you want to publish a new blog and comes very handy when you need it. This feature principally helps you in promoting a new blog post so that you can update your audience automatically.

Make the most of older posts as lead magnets

Apart from updating your subscriber, blog posts can also help you to capture them as well. You can do this by finding some of your most popular posts and use them as lead magnets. If you have over 300 online marketing tools for instance, it would be difficult for subscribers to dig through the archives to find them. You can use this as bait by saying that “subscribe and receive a free 300+ online marketing tools recommended by experts” and the result will be perfect.

Use lead magnets in older posts to also recruit more subscribers

You can use lead magnets in popular blog posts so as to attract subscribers. For example, if you have content talking about how to do something you can place an option in the middle of your posts that says “download our content to get free ways that you can apply to make your business prosper” and you will surely see a lot of subscription because people love free things, offline or online. This is just a small addition that will go a long way in boosting your email subscribers.

Email marketing strategy will be more effective when you build it on trust and using above and many other methods. As you do this, you will be more guaranteed that your effort will generate a long stream of income for you.

Email Marketing-How to Make the Most of Email Newsletters

Email marketing is a sure way of driving up your sales while at the same time establishing a strong relationship with your customers. It Keeps customers up to date about your existing products and the release of new products which end up making the customers loyal in turn driving up your sales margin. Effective email marketing can make or break the relationship you have with your customers depending on how you use it. Here are a number of things you should put into consideration while writing and sending email newsletters so as to get the most out of it, whether you are practicing free email marketing or not.

Plan and write ahead

Failing to plan and write ahead of time might make you to compose a poor newsletter which may turn out to be a total turnoff for your customers and they may opt not to waste their time again reading poorly written newsletters.

Be engaging and personal

You should customize the newsletter in a way that each of them carries the name of the person it is intended for. It’s also recommended that you write the newsletter like you are speaking to an individual as opposed to a group so that your customers can feel you are speaking to them on a one on one basis.

Delivery time is vital

You will need to create a schedule for distribution that is regular and consistent so that your customers can always be looking forward to receive your newsletter. You can have a weekly or monthly delivery but monthly is the most recommended as it will keep your customers waiting for it eagerly as opposed to weekly where it might actually bore them because it will end up looking like spam.


You can offer promotions for your email newsletter readers as a way of encouraging others to subscribe to your list. It will also make sure your customers actually read your email newsletter as they may not wish to miss out on the promotion.

Professional design

A professional design of your email newsletter makes a great impression to customers while also making the email newsletter attractive to peruse or even read.

Make it about the reader

Don’t just talk about your products throughout the newsletter. Provide some information on how your customers can actually make savings or just anything you can think of as long as it will make their lives better.

Make it mobile-friendly

Don’t ignore this part as most people these days read their emails through their mobile devices, from Tablets to Smartphones and anything in between. If the email newsletter can’t be supported on a Smartphone then you might actually be locking out a large number of your customers from accessing your newsletters.

Update your subscribers list

Before sending your email newsletter, ensure that people who unsubscribed from the newsletter are not included in the list of recipients as there is nothing as irritating as getting an email from a source you unsubscribed from two or so months ago. Ensure no new subscriber is left out of the list.

Social media network icons and pages

You should include your own social media network icons to get more social following. Display these icons at the top of the page since not many people read your newsletter to the last word on a page.