5 Reasons Your Emails Have Refused to Get You the Results You Need

Having an email campaign is usually very important when it comes to promoting a business product to as many people as possible. However when it comes to spending and writing quality content, returns may seem to be very small as the open rates just do not show progress. There are usually a number of reasons that make potential clients pass your emails and go to others, whether you made the most of free email marketing or not.

The subject line on email is boring

This literally means that the title of the email is not enticing enough or captivating. To make email marketing successful, ensure that it does not sound too promotional and salesy in the process. Terms like “free”, “$$$” should be avoided at all costs, as they always seem like spam.

Also, rather than sell the steak simply stick with the sizzle, a rule that is very clear for those who write ad copies. To ensure that you are writing or coming up with an email that sells itself, you must avoid a number of things, for instance focusing on the service or product’s features such as how the product looks like, its shiny attributes or how a button or dongle works.

Impersonal email address

Email marketing emails should be seen as human by the email address being used. This literally means that instead of using the businesses name only you might want to use the writers name together with the business name. This usually helps to let the person reading the email know that it was written by someone and not an email response created by the business.

The subject line doesn’t talk of something specific

When it comes to the subject line of an email, talking about the uniqueness of the business is a must. The email marketing subject should centre on specific uniqueness of the email product being promoted and what it offers.

Emails sent at the wrong time

Basically the most common mistake done with email marketing is sending the emails to the recipient’s inbox at the wrong time. Many tend to send emails Monday or Tuesday, however this should not be done as people are usually swamped with work. It is better to send emails in the afternoons when the week is ending, as people are generally bored and the opening rates are highest then.

Long subject line

People generally are bored very quickly with emails, and thus when an email tends to be too long they move on to the next thing. Using a short email subject line that is catchy is Key to get the opening rates for the business. Personalization of an email address and enticing preview of the first lines, together with a short catchy subject line is vital for any successful email marketing campaign.

An email can also have a number of testimonials, especially if the email is mostly written as an ad copy. Keep changing your testimonials with new ones with every email you submit and avoid sending the same testimonials you have submitted for a decade.