Email Marketing-What Makes Subscribers to Unsubscribe?

Email marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways of growing your business. It is also the best way of cultivating the best relationship with your subscribers, leads and audience who have decided to opt-in in your mailing list. You definitely want to maintain your subscribers and to ensure you are always marketing to them all the time when you have something to promote to them and perhaps to provide them with an occasional newsletter. However, there are things that make subscribers to desire to leave your mailing list.

Certain steps need be followed very carefully otherwise subscribers will click unsubscribe. Here are a number of common email marketing mistakes you should know and perhaps do right, whether you are into free email marketing or not.

Dispatching too many emails

Sending too many emails is the most common reason behind your mail list unsubscribing. There should be a proper limit in the number of emails sent because too many emails on the same subject or uninteresting subjects will irritate your subscribers. Similarly, too much or too little promotion can make compel them to leave. Some marketers send emails every day and others feel they should not send often. To be on the safe side, there must be an equal balance between too much and two often depending on your business and offer to the customers.


Ensure the same email id or sender’s name is used throughout your emails to your customers to avert confusion. Always send some email templates so that your brand can remain consistent within your mailing subject. Trust in online email marketing is very important especially in bringing customers up to speed and boosting the engagement rate.

Poor or confusing subject lines

Generally marketers emphasize on content but neglect the crucial subject line, which is very vital. This is because customers open mails depending on the subject. Subject line gives the reader a reason to keep reading or open the email and follow the message it contains. So if the subject line is missing or way too poor, then everything inside the mail is wasted.

Call to actions

Make sure that you have incorporated your call to action several times in your email because many customers skim through emails. It has an unconscious effect of compelling subscribers to do something, especially if they have opened the email.

Not verifying before hitting send

Ensure emails are read through, proofread and revised before you send them to your desired customers. Also make sure your email is readable within the common email platforms spread across the internet and beyond such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Also make sure it is attractive and useful.

Your content is repetitive or boring

Some email marketers send emails to their customers repetitively to grab their attention. Instead of grabbing their attention, it ends up compelling the customers to unsubscribe.

Your emails aren’t relevant

This is a very common cause behind unsubscribing. Customer usually search for the unsubscribing link if they realise the information is very irrelevant.

Avoid using no-reply emails

Before some customers unsubscribed they first try to reply with their concerns. Give them a chance by having an email that they can reply to immediately.