3 Main Reasons Why Nobody Opens Your Emails

An email campaign is one of the greatest backbones when it comes to promoting a new product, a program, service or any other thing. This is mainly due to the fact that many people use emails, with studies suggesting that over 900 million emails were sent in 2013 alone. It is a great way to get the people who do not have time to look at other types of advertisement especially those who believe in the professionalism of emails and privacy of their messages and what they do with them.

In which case email marketing helps to cover up all the other marketing channels and take sales to a whole new level, even if you are into free email marketing. However, as one starts the email marketing campaign there is always likelihood that most of the emails will be ignored. Below are some reasons why nobody is opening your emails.

The subject is not appealing

This is actually in a literal sense where subject line might not be telling the audience what it shall do for them. When the subject talks of the company or the abilities of the product in question, any one seeing or reading it immediately makes up his or her mind that it just another promotional message. Instead of going for more open rates, think of wordings on how the product will help the people reading the emails and ensure its not too salesy but an email with a message that helps.

Wrong timing

Sending emails to people at the wrong time is a main contributor to why nobody opens your emails. With meetings coming up back to back on Monday and Tuesday mornings, this at first may seem as a good time to send emails as people will be reconfirming their schedules. However the truth is that they will see the email as a nuisance and you definitely do not want that. Instead, wait for a time where things are going slow, and people do not have much to do and are typically bored. Do it at the end of the week or even on weekends and people will open the emails much more.

Lack of personalization

When it comes to reading emails, people generally want to assume there is a person at the other end of the line who cares about them, knows their names and cares to address them through their names and through the content. However, when a product name or a company name is used, this usually drives the readers away right from the start due to the simple reason that the email looks like it has been automatically generated by a company or brand that does not care.

It is much better to place in a name of an actual person in the company who heads the campaign itself before the company name as the email address, this way the emails will have a higher chance of being opened as it relates to people and clearly has been sent by a human.