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Top Steps of Boosting an Email Marketing Strategy

As you might already know, email marketing is very powerful and very crucial in any area of digital marketing strategy. Consumers across the divide use emails daily, with over 90 percent of them using email every day at least once. If you go by this, a half of them will be easily influenced by emails and making that vital purchase will not be really hard.

However, it is not easy to say the same for social network sites as popular as they might seem. Taking an advantage of such a great opportunity is everything and very important to enhance every marketing strategy while fine-tuning it elaborately. To ensure all the right email marketing methods have been modified and perfected, there are a number of things you can to do unlock such free email marketing potentials.

The email address you are using is everything

Today you will find lots of businesses using no-reply kind of address to send emails perhaps to avoid receiving thousands of replies and weird emails in between. If you are to succeed in email marketing, use of a no-reply kind of address is something you should not even attempt. Firstly, such an address tells your customer their feedback or communication is not wanted and can also damage your own deliverability and reputation. No one really wants to hear from a company or individuals who are not ready to hear from them. Sending from real email addresses transforms email deliverability without a doubt.

Subject line very vital

A subject line is very important area of email marketing and can either make it or break it. The subject line is exactly what your reader sees first and if they hate what is before them the email will be deleted fast. An intriguing subject line makes them to open the email immediately or wait until later. While creating a subject line, you might want to ensure it remains simple and about 50 characters or under, ask questions while ensuring they are great and write strongly while maintaining a conversational tone and do not forget to personalize although it should never be overdone.

Mind the position of the calls to action

Research has found that web users in most cases spend their time on the information appearing at the top of the page or atop a page fold. Essentially, as users look at a page their will to continue reading it usually wanes as they go down. This is why you need to specify what users should read at the email’s top part, albeit where your call to action needs to appear. Stories and other supportive details can complete the rest of your email.

Images should not be relied heavily upon

It is now official that over 50 percent of all email users do not even look at images since they have them blocked by default. It is possible to raise emails’ ROI by a half if emails are optimized in a way that emails can be blocked. To such an end, the use of web safe type of fonts and HTML text can help a lot. Alt text should always be used with images with a text plain version created with every email. However, sparsely use of images is a great fix as much as they are great at grabbing the audience and making the email to appear polished although they will end up blocked apart from loading very slowly.

Paragraphs, Bullet points and subheads

It has also been ascertained email users scan their emails by taking a lot of time looking at the sentences, especially the beginning ones for something vital that stands out. Using this knowledge lets you add headlines, including mail calls-to-action at the email’s top plus parts of the email towards the left side. Subheadings and bullet points make the content to be highly readable and less intimidating.