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How to Avoid Annoying Your Email Marketing Subscribers with Email Campaigns

Having a plan for an email marketing campaign in place helps put you and your email recipient on a similar page. They will comprehend what they are going to benefit from you and what they are not. Having a plan right from the start permits you to set expectations for your customers and what they are signing up for.

To help you get your plan started, here are a couple of easy steps that will resonate with your email marketing client base and will help you to avoid annoying them with all you email campaigns, especially if you are into free email marketing.

Know your email subscribers very well

You must understand who your subscribers are and what they are searching. Ensure your message is segmented by traits that reveal what each intended audience is looking for. A close study of every subscriber is the best method to gather significant data that will help you send just what they are seeking.

Recognize your goals

Once you find out who you are talking to, delineate the overarching goal of your email campaign and the targets you want to reach, bearing in mind you may have numerous goals to accomplish through your email marketing escapades.

Identify your email frequency

It is important not to force a certain email marketing frequency on your readers. It is better to allow them to inform you how frequently they would like to get emails from you.

Finding out your optimal frequency is necessary to your continuing email success. You do not want to interact infrequently, but if you send too frequently to your subscribers, they will get overloaded with your emails and may opt-out or, even worse, mark you as a spammer.

Set up a timeline

You must have detailed steps, gradually, and make your daily work manageable to hit your targets. Make a monthly content calendar for the subsequent 12 months and make end goals for every week before distribution. Your timeline and methods will differ depending on your niche, kind of email content and calendar.

Measure email marketing success

It is important the impact of your email marketing be measured, whether it is good or bad so that you can know whether annoying your subscribers is catastrophic. This will come in handy when it comes to transforming the situation and turning the tables around. Measure your email unsubscribe rate and weight it against the extra conversions created. In case there are so many people leaving your list something is not going on right and you need to deal with it.

Resend less

If you have to resend your email, it is important that only the most vital campaigns are resent. You might end up annoying your subscribers further if you keep on resending just to make sure they got the message. Resending all your emails simply trains subscribers to always ignore all your emails

Email has evolved as a critical and assessable email marketing method. There are many issues email marketing confronts. It is not seen or treated as a tactical discipline yet it should be.

How to Make Sure Your Emails Are Not Caught In Filters

If you have engaged in email campaigns before you must know the important part of that process is ensuring every email has made its way into the directed inbox. The sad part is not every email will be delivered, but there are a number of things you can do avoid the scourge of the spam filter even as you incorporate free email marketing concepts.

Monitor delivery

As you set a test group, do not forget Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Email clients using these accounts are over 80 percent of all email clients targeted at any given time. You will without a doubt be satisfied emails are delivered and even rendered properly throughout.

Trigger words and phrases must be monitored

To boost chances of an email being delivered into an inbox, there are phrases or words to avoid and watch out otherwise, it will be directed to the spam filter. Of all the things you do avoid using such words as pharmaceuticals, investment, guaranteed, free and samples, among others. Overuse of certain phrases need to be avoided like special offer, money off, free delivery, satisfaction guaranteed and other salesy phrases that appear in sales copies often.

Request addition to safe lists

The most important step you must take at the beginning of your email campaigns and sending newsletters and other information via email is requesting every subscriber to add your email to their safe list of senders. This will guarantee the server does not block any email form you after catching it in a filter. Filters are always learning the behaviour of subscribers amidst being updated often; remaining in a safe list of sends will make sure every email sent is delivered.

Stop excessive punctuation and capitalisation

In an email, the excessive use of upper cases and lots of unnecessary punctuation is tantamount to shouting at an individual. This is also something spammers do all the time and avoiding such practices will make the email to avoid the filters right into the inbox.

Over bolding text is a no-no

Bolding text excessively is also a spammer’s standard practice and need to be avoided. If some text or phrase must be highlighted, you might want to link them to a relevant PDF or web page. Underline the text, change its colour and it will stand out. Descriptive links also enhance CTRs (click-through rates).

Embedding images should stop

If you want an email to be so huge and hard to deliver, embed images. You can however arrange with the email service provider to have images downloaded after emails have been clicked open. Email service providers allow this to happen so fast that chances are no subscriber will notice any difference.

Use an email service provider such as Email Mojo with a higher delivery rate

Obviously, you will find lots of ways of accomplishing high and speedy delivery rates into the box. Choosing an email marketing platform to launch your campaigns is perhaps the most reliable-their delivery rates are much higher. This means email templates will be tested for the highest delivery while using servers with a great reputation, feedback will be monitored, bounce cleaning will be automatically done to maximize delivery rates as HTML coding by the system is effectively done in optimized styles.