Top Creative Ways of Growing Email Marketing Lists to Grow Any Business

By growing your email list, you can be sure of adding extra email subscribers and improving chances of growing your brand, service or product. If your list has not been growing as fast as you would like or if you would like to enhance your email marketing results you need to keep on adding your email list. There are a lot of creative and fun ways of enticing all manner of people to keep joining your list while engaging with the content before them. A couple of tweaks on the signup form can get you the extra subscribers you are actually looking for.

Every opportunity must be leveraged

You might want to know every page appearing on your website presents an opportunity of engaging your audience while convincing them to join your list. These opportunities have to be seized whenever possible since no one really has a lot of time to draw the attention of visitors. About 55 percent visitors spend on average 15 seconds maximum on a site, sometimes much less. This is why it is very vital to do all you can to ensure the signup form remains close to the centre or at the front.

Unless visitors are watching video, they will not even stick around for a long time. If there is a video on the page, have an opt-in placed below it. Already, the video has the attention of the visitor and by placing the opt-in below it chances of the individual signing up will rise.

Interactive forms are wonderful

You can decide to add the opt-in form wherever you want, but elements that are eye catching should be added to it. Do not forget you only have a few seconds of catching the attention of the visitor and it is important to make the most of it. Adding animated gifs to the form will draw the attention of the visitor. You can even decide to adjust the feel and look of the opt-in so that it can appear as live chat that asks a specific question concerning the content of the video, post or product. You can try as many questions as you can until you have that specific one question visitors are responding to in droves.

Call to action need to be visible

The worst thing you can do is keep the call to action further from the sight of the visitor and expect to reap big. You can easily transform this by adding the form to sticky footers and headers and ensuring it remains on the screen always. Those who have been to Amazon might have noticed the button “Add to Cart” appears on the screen always. This means every visitor can easily add a product to the cart at any moment without the need to scroll down to the tip of the page or the top. It will likely ensure the visitor buys the product he or she is looking at.

Do not be vague

Being as specific as you can and avoiding contradicting or remaining as vague as possible is very important. For example, everyone has a lame ‘contact us’ on their site and it is not a clear call to action like “book a massage”, “get this product now” or “enjoy quality discount pedicure”. Make the call to action specific to directly relate to your content or product offered for improved results. allows you to track subscriber behaviour; knowing how they joined a list can help you in targeting the email content in your campaigns accordingly, transforming your engagement.

Responsive design is everything

As you might already know mobile browsing is very different from browsing normally on your PC, particularly in this age of Tablets and Smartphones. The mobile browsing screen is not big and entering sign up text might take a longer time. As you choose or create the right opt-in form, do not ignore this vital fact. Rather than put lots of fields on the mobile form, limit it to one or a couple of fields while adding a huge CTA button for joining. This will help each mobile user to reach you well through a single button rather than typing a lot of details through their small Smartphone screens.

In fact, those using our Email Marketing plans or not will benefit from the platform’s responsiveness to Tablets, Smartphones and other mobile phones.

This is How to Follow up With Newly Added Customers and Influence Them to Return

Every serious business has reaching and attracting new customers as its top priority. Such an organization is always looking for ways of expanding its audience, forging new connections in the process growing the business. However, the tough nut to crack is always what follows after attracting an additional audience or after delivering a wonderful experience to all first timer consumers or customers. Getting the new customer to return is not easy as most businesses have come to realize.

Relationships take time to build

Obviously, making a lasting first impression is everything and a very vital step towards building a long-term relationship. Nonetheless, you must do a little more to let your customers know how crucial they are and continue gaining as much loyalty as possible. After taking time to build relationships with the user of your products or services via smart email marketing, you can expect them to respond to your move by returning into your site. Some will even let their friends, acquaintance and strangers to know the kind of great experience they had.

Keep adding more subscribers via online opt-in forms and even at your online store and reach them out with the kind of information you know is valuable to them. New customer follow-up is very important and you can do it easily.

Warm welcome is everything

A welcome email helps a lot in building up the momentum. Our tool allows you to customize a welcome mail using content, logo or branding. After new subscribers have joined your list the welcome mail can then be sent to them automatically.

In the welcome email, you can ensure contact details have a personal signature, guarantees of both data security and privacy, a summary of the things the customer should expect inside future emails, including a friendly and very warm introduction.

Incentives and thanking the new customer

It is important to thank the new subscriber or customer for purchasing your services or goods and it will show them how vital they are and matter a lot. Always remember a personal thank you is everything followed by an incentive or reason to return. Think about offering an original ‘thank you’ with a video appreciating what the customer has done in a couple of seconds or simply have a fun staff photo embedded.

At the top of the email, the image of all employees or some of them can be shown projecting their gratitude to the customer. Together with the email a discount of a specific amount should be included to help in the next purchase for the precious customer with an expiry date. The expiration date is to motivate the customer to shop again soon in your store.

Auto responders and new relationship nurturing

With an auto responder you have a very unique tool to create personalized series of automated emails sent to every subscriber added into the list. Just like the welcome email, Auto responders are special in that once you have set them you can forget about it. You even decide on the frequency within which to send auto responders, design email series and add relevant subscribers to your list.

It is in the area of new contacts that the usefulness of Auto responders is clear since they definitely require a holistic introduction into your brand, services and products right from the beginning. It is a chance to provide vital information displaying your obvious expertise in your niche as you constantly remind the contacts the easiest way of connecting with your store or yourself.

Additional help

Avoid leaving the customer after the first great experience with your brand. Chances are some are not really aware of all the great services or products you offer. People can be nudged to return by providing them with extra information on the specialties of your business. You can even indicate the different seasonal products or service that could aid your customer in solving certain complications at a specific period of the year.

Make these offers irresistible by providing them cheap or at a discount to the new customers or come up with a starter up specially made for every one of them. The tone of the email at this time should not be too promotional, showing how much you want to help the customer deal with his or her interests, needs or problems. You can also ask the customers a number of questions or request them to ask you to understand who they are, betters ways of remaining connected with them and the things they are interested in.

Invite customers back

With certain events in a couple of weeks or months you can easily return the customer into your business as well as meeting and connecting with loyal customers. Once you have thought about or confirmed the events coming up later in your company, design creative ways of involving the new audience in any of these upcoming events.

It can be hosting open houses, conferences with guest speakers or partnership events with non-profit entities and customers should know this in your emails. Customers can be offered event registration beforehand to have a chance to follow them up with a reminder just before the beginning of the event.

Promote social channels

Don’t be shy to share your social channels with every new customer while offering them a chance to look into your content and a chance to further investigate what your organization has been into in the recent past. It gives them a chance to know your business better, whether they have been with your for long or not.

Social media also allows you to know what people you have never met think about your products or services. Also, the way you interact with subscribers or customers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social network sites gives them a chance to know your business better. Sharing links to your social presence and the web is also a wonderful way of driving followership and increasing traffic.

Remember as you might have already realized that social media and email work best if used together and each email sent should contain channels to your social media at the bottom.