Email Marketing Hacks Capable of Doubling Response Rates

Most companies often do not know the benefits of implementing a successful email marketing strategy when trying to improve their sales. Here are some hacks that can help to double the response rate of emails for better sales.

Come up with a process

When it comes to email marketing top hacks, you might want to begin with implementing of a well planned process. Most people think that such a process will only halt them or slow their process of email marketing. Whether you are doing free email marketing or not you need a process that is well defined and you can be sure of a great effect. As an email marketer, you will have a lot of time to be as creative as possible and even have time to continue experimenting since you will not be dealing with serious errors or trying to put out a fire.

While your email marketing service provider such as Email Mojo is handling the important part of relaying the email to your subscribers, and giving you data on the opening rate and even click-through rates among other things, you are left to deal with your strategies and ensure everything has fallen into place effectively.

Resend if you have to

One of the worst things email marketers do is being shy of resending an email. It is worth noting that if an email is not opened, it is the same as if the email does not exist. Since the metrics and data from your email marketing provider will show you who did not open the email, you can always resend and the success rate might prompt you to wonder why you just did not think about it sooner.

Use personalized messages 

When you need personalized messages, you can always make sure that you send messages according to the individual or niche target from the market. Through the process, you will be capable of doubling response rate in the market when looking for the deals that you need from the market thus increasing growth from the market.

Use diverse channels

For those companies that have used email as a means of marketing tool, they have been able to increase sales because it is a perfect choice that exists in the market. When you use the idea, your company will always be in a position to reach the best leads and present great deals to subscribers for improved sales through a perfect platform. As a result of email marketing and using other channels of marketing such as social media, phone calls and direct mail, you can be sure of huge sales for the company.

Send subscribers great deals  

If you have lowered your marketing costs, introduced new deals, better discounts, new products, and a new service, seasonal deals, coupon codes and many others, always let your subscribers know. You can also use the opportunity on your site to let your audience and new visitors know about the deals and request that they subscriber your newsletter to get the information on the deals and any subsequent critical information.

5 Reasons Your Emails Have Refused to Get You the Results You Need

Having an email campaign is usually very important when it comes to promoting a business product to as many people as possible. However when it comes to spending and writing quality content, returns may seem to be very small as the open rates just do not show progress. There are usually a number of reasons that make potential clients pass your emails and go to others, whether you made the most of free email marketing or not.

The subject line on email is boring

This literally means that the title of the email is not enticing enough or captivating. To make email marketing successful, ensure that it does not sound too promotional and salesy in the process. Terms like “free”, “$$$” should be avoided at all costs, as they always seem like spam.

Also, rather than sell the steak simply stick with the sizzle, a rule that is very clear for those who write ad copies. To ensure that you are writing or coming up with an email that sells itself, you must avoid a number of things, for instance focusing on the service or product’s features such as how the product looks like, its shiny attributes or how a button or dongle works.

Impersonal email address

Email marketing emails should be seen as human by the email address being used. This literally means that instead of using the businesses name only you might want to use the writers name together with the business name. This usually helps to let the person reading the email know that it was written by someone and not an email response created by the business.

The subject line doesn’t talk of something specific

When it comes to the subject line of an email, talking about the uniqueness of the business is a must. The email marketing subject should centre on specific uniqueness of the email product being promoted and what it offers.

Emails sent at the wrong time

Basically the most common mistake done with email marketing is sending the emails to the recipient’s inbox at the wrong time. Many tend to send emails Monday or Tuesday, however this should not be done as people are usually swamped with work. It is better to send emails in the afternoons when the week is ending, as people are generally bored and the opening rates are highest then.

Long subject line

People generally are bored very quickly with emails, and thus when an email tends to be too long they move on to the next thing. Using a short email subject line that is catchy is Key to get the opening rates for the business. Personalization of an email address and enticing preview of the first lines, together with a short catchy subject line is vital for any successful email marketing campaign.

An email can also have a number of testimonials, especially if the email is mostly written as an ad copy. Keep changing your testimonials with new ones with every email you submit and avoid sending the same testimonials you have submitted for a decade.

Email Marketing-What Makes Subscribers to Unsubscribe?

Email marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways of growing your business. It is also the best way of cultivating the best relationship with your subscribers, leads and audience who have decided to opt-in in your mailing list. You definitely want to maintain your subscribers and to ensure you are always marketing to them all the time when you have something to promote to them and perhaps to provide them with an occasional newsletter. However, there are things that make subscribers to desire to leave your mailing list.

Certain steps need be followed very carefully otherwise subscribers will click unsubscribe. Here are a number of common email marketing mistakes you should know and perhaps do right, whether you are into free email marketing or not.

Dispatching too many emails

Sending too many emails is the most common reason behind your mail list unsubscribing. There should be a proper limit in the number of emails sent because too many emails on the same subject or uninteresting subjects will irritate your subscribers. Similarly, too much or too little promotion can make compel them to leave. Some marketers send emails every day and others feel they should not send often. To be on the safe side, there must be an equal balance between too much and two often depending on your business and offer to the customers.


Ensure the same email id or sender’s name is used throughout your emails to your customers to avert confusion. Always send some email templates so that your brand can remain consistent within your mailing subject. Trust in online email marketing is very important especially in bringing customers up to speed and boosting the engagement rate.

Poor or confusing subject lines

Generally marketers emphasize on content but neglect the crucial subject line, which is very vital. This is because customers open mails depending on the subject. Subject line gives the reader a reason to keep reading or open the email and follow the message it contains. So if the subject line is missing or way too poor, then everything inside the mail is wasted.

Call to actions

Make sure that you have incorporated your call to action several times in your email because many customers skim through emails. It has an unconscious effect of compelling subscribers to do something, especially if they have opened the email.

Not verifying before hitting send

Ensure emails are read through, proofread and revised before you send them to your desired customers. Also make sure your email is readable within the common email platforms spread across the internet and beyond such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Also make sure it is attractive and useful.

Your content is repetitive or boring

Some email marketers send emails to their customers repetitively to grab their attention. Instead of grabbing their attention, it ends up compelling the customers to unsubscribe.

Your emails aren’t relevant

This is a very common cause behind unsubscribing. Customer usually search for the unsubscribing link if they realise the information is very irrelevant.

Avoid using no-reply emails

Before some customers unsubscribed they first try to reply with their concerns. Give them a chance by having an email that they can reply to immediately.


3 Main Reasons Why Nobody Opens Your Emails

An email campaign is one of the greatest backbones when it comes to promoting a new product, a program, service or any other thing. This is mainly due to the fact that many people use emails, with studies suggesting that over 900 million emails were sent in 2013 alone. It is a great way to get the people who do not have time to look at other types of advertisement especially those who believe in the professionalism of emails and privacy of their messages and what they do with them.

In which case email marketing helps to cover up all the other marketing channels and take sales to a whole new level, even if you are into free email marketing. However, as one starts the email marketing campaign there is always likelihood that most of the emails will be ignored. Below are some reasons why nobody is opening your emails.

The subject is not appealing

This is actually in a literal sense where subject line might not be telling the audience what it shall do for them. When the subject talks of the company or the abilities of the product in question, any one seeing or reading it immediately makes up his or her mind that it just another promotional message. Instead of going for more open rates, think of wordings on how the product will help the people reading the emails and ensure its not too salesy but an email with a message that helps.

Wrong timing

Sending emails to people at the wrong time is a main contributor to why nobody opens your emails. With meetings coming up back to back on Monday and Tuesday mornings, this at first may seem as a good time to send emails as people will be reconfirming their schedules. However the truth is that they will see the email as a nuisance and you definitely do not want that. Instead, wait for a time where things are going slow, and people do not have much to do and are typically bored. Do it at the end of the week or even on weekends and people will open the emails much more.

Lack of personalization

When it comes to reading emails, people generally want to assume there is a person at the other end of the line who cares about them, knows their names and cares to address them through their names and through the content. However, when a product name or a company name is used, this usually drives the readers away right from the start due to the simple reason that the email looks like it has been automatically generated by a company or brand that does not care.

It is much better to place in a name of an actual person in the company who heads the campaign itself before the company name as the email address, this way the emails will have a higher chance of being opened as it relates to people and clearly has been sent by a human.

Email Still Sells-How to Rock Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fabulous approach to contact your target market and boost your sales and rate of profitability. In any case, you can’t create powerful email marketing methodologies if you do not have any idea about your target market, whether you are into free email marketing or not. To make sure you have made the most out of your email marketing, there are things you might want to have in mind to rock your email marketing plans and strategies right from the beginning.

In the first instance you need to think about email personas. An email persona is an acceptable image of who you are offering to. Coming up with an email persona means that you need to build certain elements such as:

  • Typical age of your client base
  • Aversions
  • Their hobbies
  • Careers/vocation
  • How & where they invest their extra time
  • The place they call home or live

This in turn has a way of making sure you are able to see clearly the kind of clients you are engaging with. In turn, it will help you to serve and attract more customers as you will have the capacity to speak to them clearly and precisely in all your email marketing processes.

To start gathering new subscribers and leads you ought to do a number of things.

Customize each Call-to-Action

In the event that your site has a website you ought to incorporate a customized call-to-action box at the base of every blog entry. Your call-to-action boxes ought to likewise be emphasized all over your site including the landing page,

Every call-to-action ought to be customized in contrast with the specific webpage they are being offered on. For instance, if the most recent blog entry is about preparing chocolate chip treats you could come up with a call to action such as “Need to make formulas that are significantly more delectable than this one? Subscribe to our email marketing rundown for much more heavenly formulas”. This level of consideration and thoughtfulness regarding every call to activity shows imagination and is more inclined to urge those reading it to make a move.

Use mini surveys

Small scale studies are an astounding approach to get more email addresses from your audience. You can ask certain inquiries through your site. For example you can ask them “how regularly do you read our blog entries?” You can then welcome new visitors and leads to subscribe to your email posts. If your blog entries are customized particularly to your readership, there is a high probability that individuals will subscribe.

Accomplice with others

An alternate extraordinary approach to enhance your email marketing mailing list is to cooperate with those with very delectable yet bigger crowds than your own. This can be an amazingly fruitful (and quick) approach to enlarge your audience base as it provides a unique chance to do so. This includes developing very strong relationships with other bloggers and in the process your symbiotic relationship will pay off.

Top Steps of Boosting an Email Marketing Strategy

As you might already know, email marketing is very powerful and very crucial in any area of digital marketing strategy. Consumers across the divide use emails daily, with over 90 percent of them using email every day at least once. If you go by this, a half of them will be easily influenced by emails and making that vital purchase will not be really hard.

However, it is not easy to say the same for social network sites as popular as they might seem. Taking an advantage of such a great opportunity is everything and very important to enhance every marketing strategy while fine-tuning it elaborately. To ensure all the right email marketing methods have been modified and perfected, there are a number of things you can to do unlock such free email marketing potentials.

The email address you are using is everything

Today you will find lots of businesses using no-reply kind of address to send emails perhaps to avoid receiving thousands of replies and weird emails in between. If you are to succeed in email marketing, use of a no-reply kind of address is something you should not even attempt. Firstly, such an address tells your customer their feedback or communication is not wanted and can also damage your own deliverability and reputation. No one really wants to hear from a company or individuals who are not ready to hear from them. Sending from real email addresses transforms email deliverability without a doubt.

Subject line very vital

A subject line is very important area of email marketing and can either make it or break it. The subject line is exactly what your reader sees first and if they hate what is before them the email will be deleted fast. An intriguing subject line makes them to open the email immediately or wait until later. While creating a subject line, you might want to ensure it remains simple and about 50 characters or under, ask questions while ensuring they are great and write strongly while maintaining a conversational tone and do not forget to personalize although it should never be overdone.

Mind the position of the calls to action

Research has found that web users in most cases spend their time on the information appearing at the top of the page or atop a page fold. Essentially, as users look at a page their will to continue reading it usually wanes as they go down. This is why you need to specify what users should read at the email’s top part, albeit where your call to action needs to appear. Stories and other supportive details can complete the rest of your email.

Images should not be relied heavily upon

It is now official that over 50 percent of all email users do not even look at images since they have them blocked by default. It is possible to raise emails’ ROI by a half if emails are optimized in a way that emails can be blocked. To such an end, the use of web safe type of fonts and HTML text can help a lot. Alt text should always be used with images with a text plain version created with every email. However, sparsely use of images is a great fix as much as they are great at grabbing the audience and making the email to appear polished although they will end up blocked apart from loading very slowly.

Paragraphs, Bullet points and subheads

It has also been ascertained email users scan their emails by taking a lot of time looking at the sentences, especially the beginning ones for something vital that stands out. Using this knowledge lets you add headlines, including mail calls-to-action at the email’s top plus parts of the email towards the left side. Subheadings and bullet points make the content to be highly readable and less intimidating.

Video in Your Emails-Know This First!

Video, however you use it will always engage your audience in a special way. It is a wonderful choice of content to engage your email subscribers wherever they are. Its ability to grab attention is legendary and gives your message a whole new dimension capable of generating a lot of interest than written words alone. The millions of video content out there on demonstration videos, tutorials, presentations, products and trainings are a testament to that. However, should video be embedded in email campaigns? Is it a wise choice?

The efficiency of video in marketing is undoubtable but there are a number of reasons why embedding video in the emails of your subscribers should not happen for the time being.

Firstly, avoid embedding video until you have gained the best technical knowledge on adding the right code in emails that embeds the video. Also, remember not many email readers actually allow video to continue playing within their email. Remember the video code embedding it to the email will most likely be caught up by filters and will not enter the inbox of the subscriber.

Video also takes some time before downloading and might not even open and it will make subscribers very bored and frustrated. It might make them to delete the email without a second look of the video or clicking any of the included links. Embedding a video in the email will hardly get you the vital click-through details you might want in contrast with recipients clicking to have a glimpse of the video.

What to do

You can utilise your video’s first frame using it as an image with a clickable link to the video on the internet, which can be a YouTube Channel or a web page, among others. Ensure the image comes with a play icon or button making it obvious that following the link will let the recipient view the video and you can state this obvious fact through hyperlink wording.

While using Email Mojo, the images are not embedded in your emails and using the method where the link is on a static kind of image rather than embedding a video will ensure the mail has a small file size meaning that it is light and easily delivered.

More smart ways of grabbing attention

If you can afford it, animated gifs can be used as the image link with some kind of movement to draw the viewer’s attention or just stress on the topic. If animated gifs are well made they are very not heavy in terms of file size, just a few KBs. However, the animated gif need to be looked into carefully so that it does not become slow to load just like video. Remember very few email clients actually let the animation to play, such as Lotus Notes and Outlook 2013 and under that only display the animated gif’s first frame instead.

You can carefully look into the amount of time you will use in making animated gifs by ensuring you have the real number of your contacts using Lotus Notes or Outlook 2007-2013 by looking at a previous campaign’s client data. If the percentage is very high you might want to go for non-animated types of images and link from them. At the same time, let the gif animation creator know a section of email readers will not be viewing the animation so that the vital message you would like to communicate can appear in the first part.

Essentially, providing links to view a video is perhaps the best chance of seeing your email into the inbox of your subscribers as well as knowing clearly the individual interested in viewing the video, especially because of our live reports.

Management of Email Bounces-Some Vital Facts Worth Noting

Those who have experienced bounced emails will tell you that they are not exactly what they insinuated at the start of the email marketing process. They cannot be ignored for a long time, especially if they are continually piling up. Once they are a pile and increasing, you will have a major problem in your hands. In every online marketing process management of email bounces has never been an exciting area, but very critical if you are to clean your list to raise the success rate of your email marketing campaigns.

Email bounce indicates an email sent did not reach the contact on the list. A number of reasons exist on why this is so and it is worth noting bounces are different and should be handled differently. You will find there are soft and hard mail bounces.

In soft mail bounces, the problem is often temporary and could be due to full mailboxes, undelivered or server failure, message sent when the contact is not around or auto replies during vacations. Hard bounces indicate a more permanent problem such as an address out of date or an email address that does not exist.

Soft bounces are issues easy to observe since the issue could resolve itself without any problem. Not so for hard email bounces except to replace/remove the bouncing email address immediately.

Viewing email bounces

Email Mojo reports will give you a chance to track email bounces easily in your account. This allows you to peek at certain email campaigns and to export easily the bounced address list so that you can go ahead with the monitoring of the email addresses with issues that can be resolved and to replace the defunct ones.

Where to start with bounced email addresses

The first thing you need to do is understand the reason why the email bounced before determining whether the issue is permanent or temporary. In case the problem is a permanent one such as the email address does not exist, look at the address again to ensure it is correctly spelled. Probably the address is out of date in case the contact has switched to another email provider or job. In case you can contact them in another way, talk to them to ensure the information, above all, is up to date.

If you are not sure whether the problem is temporary or permanent, it is important to take a look at the bounce frequency. Essentially, it is all about removing those email addresses that have ongoing issues and will affect the open rate of your emails positively while lowering the number of email bounces.

Dealing with future bounces

It is common to have a few email bounces here and there but you should pay attention if you realize the email bounces are way too high. Here are a couple of things you can do.

Update form

Begin by sending your contacts a form to update their profile, something you can encourage them to do without any problem.

Run a fresh opt-in campaign

You can also run another opt-in kind of campaign not only to get permission to keep sending your email campaigns to the address but also to have the contact respond to the email confirmation so that the email address can be added to your list. It helps in cutting down the email bounce rate since invalid addresses are removed from the list.

Test email campaigns for spam

In case you realize email messages are going to junk or spam folder than the inboxes of your contacts, go back to the email content you are sending them. Lots of symbols, punctuations and hugely promotional language such as ‘buy now’ or ‘$$$’ or ‘free’ is sometimes filtered as spam.

Regular bounce review

To have a very low email bounce rate requires that you keep checking the bounces constantly. It is not prudent to let bounces to add up; at some point they will overwhelm your email marketing campaigns.

Even as you use free email marketing solutions and others, know the lower the bounce rate the confident your contacts are receiving your messages and the hard work and resources you have put into this is not lost.

Reasons Why Nobody is Opening Your Emails Hurting Your Conversation Rate

You’ve spent your valuable time crafting emails only for them to end up unread. This is quite a frustrating experience and you’d want to change it against all odds. So, to make your email marketing campaign a success, you’d first have to understand why it fails.

Customize content

No one will open an email if it is not of any relevance to them. You have to know your audience and what they want so as to be relevant while clearly knowing that no one will be concerned with your emails if they lack customization. Rates have been dropping among email marketers, even those using free email marketing platforms and the reason this is happening is because leads want and desire customized content. People are not ready to labour through total junk that is so bad, whether intended for them or not. Essentially, it is important to at least know something about your leads or audience and what they are really want.

Responsive emails for mobile

Three years ago or so you could have been forgiven for not optimizing email marketing for mobile but not today. In 2013 alone, more than 50 percent of all emails read and opened were opened through mobile devices, a trend that is rising on a daily basis. Your website, emails and newsletters have to respond to this critical change otherwise your leads will continue plummeting.   A large part of the population today uses mobile phones to read their emails. If your newsletters are not optimized for small screens like that of Smartphones and Tablets, chances are that you are missing out on a large part of your audience.

Email subject

The subject of your email is enough to make a person decide whether he should read your email or not. If the subject line is not enticing enough, they will just skip over to the next email. The subject needs to be interesting but it should at the same time not sound like a pitch for sales. Be specific and unique to your business and if you can get personal, it is even better.

Format congestion

This is a great turn off for email recipients. A complex email will often go unread. So make yours easy to absorb such that readers can quickly scan over it and still get the message.

Not too many emails

Do not overstuff your subscribers with emails. 1-4 emails every month should be enough or you could tailor the frequency depending on the relationship with your subscribers. Over-sending emails turns out to be a bother and nuisance to the recipients and they may end up redirecting your emails to spam and at that point you will have lost them for good.

Timing is everything

Bad timing could also be the reason no one ever reads your emails. Study your audience carefully and determine the time that they are likely to check their inbox. This will help increase your open rates.

When you emails end up unread, it is because there is something that you are not doing right. Take some time, re-evaluate your strategy and then make the necessary changes.


How to Make Sure Your Emails Are Not Caught In Filters

If you have engaged in email campaigns before you must know the important part of that process is ensuring every email has made its way into the directed inbox. The sad part is not every email will be delivered, but there are a number of things you can do avoid the scourge of the spam filter even as you incorporate free email marketing concepts.

Monitor delivery

As you set a test group, do not forget Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Email clients using these accounts are over 80 percent of all email clients targeted at any given time. You will without a doubt be satisfied emails are delivered and even rendered properly throughout.

Trigger words and phrases must be monitored

To boost chances of an email being delivered into an inbox, there are phrases or words to avoid and watch out otherwise, it will be directed to the spam filter. Of all the things you do avoid using such words as pharmaceuticals, investment, guaranteed, free and samples, among others. Overuse of certain phrases need to be avoided like special offer, money off, free delivery, satisfaction guaranteed and other salesy phrases that appear in sales copies often.

Request addition to safe lists

The most important step you must take at the beginning of your email campaigns and sending newsletters and other information via email is requesting every subscriber to add your email to their safe list of senders. This will guarantee the server does not block any email form you after catching it in a filter. Filters are always learning the behaviour of subscribers amidst being updated often; remaining in a safe list of sends will make sure every email sent is delivered.

Stop excessive punctuation and capitalisation

In an email, the excessive use of upper cases and lots of unnecessary punctuation is tantamount to shouting at an individual. This is also something spammers do all the time and avoiding such practices will make the email to avoid the filters right into the inbox.

Over bolding text is a no-no

Bolding text excessively is also a spammer’s standard practice and need to be avoided. If some text or phrase must be highlighted, you might want to link them to a relevant PDF or web page. Underline the text, change its colour and it will stand out. Descriptive links also enhance CTRs (click-through rates).

Embedding images should stop

If you want an email to be so huge and hard to deliver, embed images. You can however arrange with the email service provider to have images downloaded after emails have been clicked open. Email service providers allow this to happen so fast that chances are no subscriber will notice any difference.

Use an email service provider such as Email Mojo with a higher delivery rate

Obviously, you will find lots of ways of accomplishing high and speedy delivery rates into the box. Choosing an email marketing platform to launch your campaigns is perhaps the most reliable-their delivery rates are much higher. This means email templates will be tested for the highest delivery while using servers with a great reputation, feedback will be monitored, bounce cleaning will be automatically done to maximize delivery rates as HTML coding by the system is effectively done in optimized styles.